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Our School

Accelerated Prep has a mission, and that mission is to see student-athletes improve. To that end, we value faith, action, and service while promoting teamwork. Accelerated Schools, world-class basketball, and a faith community come together for a perfect storm of excellence.

Accelerated Prep is a faith-based basketball program designed to rapidly accelerate elite players into their college and professional athletic careers.

The prep program for collegiate and NBA-bound athletes.


Accelerating student-athletes’ growth in mind, body, and spirit so that they can stand FAST in their God-given talents.

Core Values

Stand Fast: By standing in Faith, Action, Service, and Teamwork, student-athletes accelerate their growth, becoming the best they can be.

Our Campus

We empower our student-athletes with innovative teaching strategies, expert NBA-level coaches, and world-class training facilities at Redline Athletics.

We believe in offering only the best of the best and we accomplish this by partnering with Accelerated Schools and Redline Athletics for their specializations, as well as by having our players participate in the elite circuit The Grind Session.

Our teachers are able to tailor their approach to help students with behavioral disorders, learning differences, or emotional, social, or mental health issues. Additionally, we have resources to engage students who are classified as gifted and talented.

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Accelerated Schools utilizes a one-on-one approach to teaching and maintains a very low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure students receive the attention they need and deserve. This allows us to support students with a broad array of learning abilities and styles.

Student Life

Accelerated Schools offers individualized curriculum, social skill development, self-discipline strategies, relationship mentoring, character development, college advisement, career exploration, social coaching, and more.

Campus Life