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Campus Life

Student-athletes that come to Accelerated Prep don’t just get the advantage of excellent education. They are immersed in a culture of excellence, from Accelerated School curriculum to amazing basketball coaches and mentors. They do all of this while growing socially, around peers, and living in homes so their entire life can revolve around becoming better and being supported by our Christian beliefs and environment.

Student Life at Accelerated Prep

Accelerated Prep knows that there’s more to life than just classes, tests, and homework. But it’s also more than athletics and fitness. Far too often, many schools forget that student-athletes are more than just students and athletes. They’re people. People who want to make new friends, explore their passions and their community, and build a life that’s so much more than classrooms and gymnasiums.

We want each of the student-athletes who attend Accelerated Prep to have an incredible preparatory experience. We want to inspire our students to pursue a lifetime of achievement in everything else they undertake.

Campus Culture

Being an AP student means belonging to something greater than yourself. We’re working to create a culture that prioritizes hard work, respect, introspection, cultural awareness, and diversity. But we also want our students to have fun along the way.

Here are but a few examples of some of the student activities and field trips planned:

Movie Nights

Gaming Tournaments


Ski Trips

Camping Trips

Food Festivals

Our boarding student accommodations are modern and offer the comforts of home while remaining close to the Fitzroy Mansion. Student-athletes will shuttle to the Fitzroy Mansion for their Accelerated Schools curriculum, then the Kula Sports Performance Training facility for basketball practice.

There is always something to do outside of academic study or athletic training. Student-athletes often make lifelong and lasting just in basketball or academia, but in their friendships, their hobbies, their careers, and relationships with their teammates and peers.


Accelerated Prep is looking to establish close relationships with various charitable organizations throughout the Denver Metro area. From food kitchens to helping build homes to local activism, we encourage our students to get involved with the community. Not only will this help make the world a better place, but it will also greatly enrich the campus life experiences of our students.

Outdoor Adventures

Accelerated Prep is located just outside the beautiful Rocky Mountains, which means there are endless opportunities for recreation and exploration. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, bouldering, and camping are all wonderful experiences we hope each of our students can partake in.

Stand Fast: By standing in Faith, Action, Service, and Teamwork, student-athletes accelerate their growth, becoming the best they can be.