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Training Facilities

Redline Athletics

Accelerated Prep uses progressive training and NBA-level coaches to push our student-athletes to the next level. All student-athletes engage in strength, speed, and agility exercises at the esteemed Redline Athletics training facility.

Redline Athletics is a sports performance facility that specializes in athletic development. It boasts a large, clean, multi-faceted space. Accelerated Prep uses Redline Athletics’ professional-level training environment so that our student-athletes have access to the latest advancements from the best brands in sports performance.

At Redline Athletics, our student-athletes will not only engage in competitive sessions of basketball practice against each other but also practice lateral speed, linear speed, change of direction, and footwork.

Our coaches will combine their professional experiences from the NBA with the top-notch training facilities of Redline Athletics to push student-athletes toward better on-field performance.