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Academics are at the core of Accelerated Prep. Accelerated Schools have been around since the 1970s, helping generation after generations achieve their goals. We have the ability to make tailor-made, individualized academic and athletic plans for each and every student that comes through the door. All of this in an environment that fosters growth and supports spiritual well-being.


Accelerated Prep follows the Accelerated Schools curriculum, which is designed to engage and challenge students wherever they are in their academic journey. Accelerated Schools teachers provide a culturally relevant curriculum that’s responsive to each of our students’ needs.

We follow the latest educational best practices to continuously improve our instruction, our implementation of technology in the classroom, and our teaching strategies.


At Accelerated Prep, we do not take a one-size-fits all approach. Instead, we recognize the unique strengths, challenges and perspectives each student brings to the classroom.

We welcome and support students with learning differences. We know that the ability to work with others and function as a member of a team is essential to success. We encourage students to work together, share ideas and support one another.

Individualized Support

Faculty and support staff are available to provide tutoring, additional instruction and assistance. We include an advisory period in our daily schedule so students can receive tutoring and academic counseling.

Accelerated Schools has a NCA accreditation, which means students are taught by highly qualified teachers, are given a diverse curriculum, have access to a range of activities and support services, can transfer all earned credits, and also have greater access to things like federal loans and scholarships.

Additional help is always available to our students.


Accelerating student-athletes’ growth in mind, body, and spirit so that they can stand FAST in their God-given talents.