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Our Leadership

Accelerated Prep Leadership Team

Here at Accelerated Prep, we’ve assembled a team of passionate educators and coaches who want to see lives impacted. Every member of our leadership team has a heart for learning, coaching, and most importantly, for young people as individuals.

We want Accelerated Prep to be a cornerstone of the Denver community. We want everyone in Denver to know the name, and to associate us with community giving and leadership. We want to be the place that every parent dreams of sending their kid – and that’s why we’ve put such a huge emphasis on assembling a hardworking team of dreamers who can make that a reality.

School founder Jonathan Barnett had a vision that has now become a reality in Accelerated Prep.

Accelerated Prep Board of Directors

Accelerated Prep’s Board of Directors works hard to put the school on a path of sustained success for the future by integrating sound financial and legal practices with an emphasis on ethics and community service. They help secure the funding and resources needed to push Accelerated Prep through to new levels and generations of success.

Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett

Co Founder

“Through Accelerated Prep, I see an opportunity for young people. Here, under the care of talented teachers and coaches, students will have the opportunity to grow and develop as scholars, athletes, and people. We’ll help prepare them for the world, whether that’s a future in athletics, business, academics, or any field.”

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Greg Williams

Greg Willis

Co Founder

“I’ve been coaching and training students for years, and I can see who has both natural ability and the will to transform that talent into true skill. As the Director of Recruiting and Scouting, I’ll bring top talent into AP so that our teams perform well and that our students can help each other improve. After all, iron sharpens iron.”

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Accelerated Prep Board of Advisors

The Accelerated Prep Board of Advisors provides guidance and vision for the school, drawing on the unique backgrounds and experiences of its members to offer differing perspectives on school philosophy. Each of our advisors operates with our students in mind and at the forefront of every decision.

Accelerated Schools employs carefully screened professionals in every area of administration and instruction. All teachers are certified or eligible for certification in the specific fields of their assignments, and all have a specialty that complements the background of their associates.

Many teachers hold advanced degrees in education, special education, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and reading.

In addition to the teaching staff, head teachers and educational counselors with special training in behavior management analyze the education background and factors of psychological motivation affecting each student. They hold regular conferences with students and parents throughout the school year.

Because the faculty holds itself responsible for the student’s education, weekly staff-training and continued professional development are held. This allows the entire staff the opportunity to contribute to an individual’s progress.