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What is Division 1 Basketball?

There are 350 Division 1 colleges and universities recognized by the NCAA in the United States today.

Among this number are the largest, most recognized, and most important centers of higher learning in the world. They are schools that have the largest budgets and draw the most students. Athletics at a Division 1 level is popular and brings in millions of dollars every year for these schools.

What Does D1 Mean?
D1, or Division 1, is an organizational term. There are three divisions in the NCAA, which are numbered 1, 2, and 3. From a practical standpoint, these terms indicate the athletic performance, budget, and size of the universities.

Division 1 schools are the largest, most famous, and celebrated collegiate athletic centers in the country. Famous teams like the KU Jayhawks, the North Carolina Tarheels, the Alabama Crimson Tide, and the Duke Blue Devils are all part of Division 1 play.

From a sporting perspective, these teams have the largest attendance, the most professional scouting attention, and the biggest budgets and amenities. They feature world-class gyms, athletic programs, and trainers. Student-athletes that go to these schools have the best chance of going professional.

What Makes D1 Scholarships Different?
Not only are scholarships extremely difficult to obtain, but they are most often superior to what is offered by D2 or D3 schools. Take basketball as an example, there are 13 scholarship positions available on a D1 basketball team, and they are full-ride scholarships. For a D2 school, the average value of a basketball scholarship is around $2,500 or less, which is not a full ride.

One thing to keep in mind is that a D1 athletic scholarship doesn’t guarantee four years of education. Each scholarship given is reviewed every year and therefore can be revoked or given to a different student. This is why academic excellence and other factors are also important.

Best Way To Play D1 Basketball
If you want to become a professional, the best chance you have is to play Division 1 basketball. To do so, you need to be recruited, which means having exceptional playing skills, a high level of academic achievement, and an active community service background. This is just to begin with. The field is incredibly competitive.

One of the best ways you can be noticed is to join a preparatory academy like Accelerated Prep. This helps you achieve all of the things listed above. You’ll get former professional players helping to coach and mentor you, access to community service and activities, and accelerated academic achievement.

Start Early for D1 Basketball
If you’re interested or think you have a chance to play D1 basketball, you need to start the process as soon as possible. Everything you do will be factored into their decision, so make sure you’re choosing the right course of action. Find a place, like Accelerated Prep that understands these challenges and can help you face them.

Life is hard, and so is achieving your highest potential, but we can help you with both.