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Published on: News

Accelerated Prep Scores Top Recruits

Accelerated Prep is proud to announce that we have signed two high-level recruits to join our growing team. Baye Fell, the #12 recruit in the country, and Assane Diop, the #80 recruit in the country, will both be joining the Accelerated Prep team.

Baye Fell will be playing in the position of a power forward. In this position, he was recently named the MVP of the Pangos All-American Camp top 30 Game. Both students are 6’10”, and Assane Diop will be playing wing and was named the MVP of the PAAC top 60 game.

Both students have drawn national-level recruiting attention. Baye Fell is considered a five-star recruit, and Assane Diop holds a firm four-star status. Both will no doubt use Accelerated Prep as a springboard into a successful collegiate athletics career.

With their arrival, the team looks set to contain top-level talent. Current recruiting efforts continue, and the eventual goal of the team will be 11 players. There are 3 players so far on the roster, though that number is expected to increase soon.

The team will be ready to play, and practices will begin in September. Head coach and other key positions will be filled between now and then. Top-level talent with NBA experience is being considered for each of the roles that the Academy has open.

Once these positions are filled, the team will participate in the Grind Session league. This highly competitive league helps teams who feature top-level talent face each other. With academics provided by Accelerated Schools, Accelerated Prep is going to have all the pieces in place for an exciting and meaningful season.

You can read more about the two new players here. Not only does this give Accelerated Prep two more amazing, talented student-athletes, but it also gives AP the attention it deserves. More students will hear about Accelerated Prep and help turn this into the life changing academy it was meant to be.