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What Are Christian Values?

Christianity is the largest faith in the world, with over 2.2 billion believers.

The followers of Christ have been known throughout the last two thousand years for many reasons. Early church Fathers were martyred, giving up their lives to stand for the beliefs and ideals of Christianity.

What are those values and ideals that have shaped the very world we live in?

Christian Values

“Let all that you do be done in love.” — 1 Corinthians 16:14.

Love, compassion, and respect are cornerstones of Christian values. This extends not just to ourselves and to other Christians but to everyone that we meet and come into contact with. These values are born from the strength of personal conviction and belief in a final arbiter of good.

The end goal of all Christian values is to promote Christlike behavior. Each Christian is a modern disciple of Christ and his apostles. They live out the gospel in their everyday life and bring that good, righteous energy to every endeavor.

This means everything from always doing your best, to always helping those around you. Never shirking your responsibilities, but instead embracing them. It is a value set based on self-sacrifice but also upon self-growth.

Even the term, love, has a unique Christian meaning. Known as Christian love, it comes from the Greek word, agape. The meaning of love to a Christian is respect, affection, benevolence, goodwill, and concern for the well being of others.

Why Are Christian Values Important?

Christian values are important for the reason that they never change. These are the lessons and ways of living taught by Jesus to his apostles. They are recorded in the bible, and our entire civilization, western culture, is based upon them.

To understand Christian values is to understand the way our world works. While popular culture changes and emphasizes different aspects of life, Christian values are always true. There is a permanence to them, and people can have confidence that they know right from wrong, good from evil when they adhere to Christian values.

Accelerated Prep and Christian Values

Our program is steeped in Christian values. They are reflected in our mission and our methods. We teach students to Stand FAST. FAST is an acronym meaning “Faith, Action, Service, and Teamwork”. This equips them with the spiritual tools to navigate life and all the challenges they will encounter on and off the court and in and out of the classroom.

It is through these core values that the student-athletes that attend Accelerated Prep accelerate their growth. Our goal is for everyone who steps through our doors to become the very best they can be. Secular education has no comparable value structure, nor can it present any spiritual guidance.