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Why a State-of-the-Art Gym Is Necessary for Success

Strength and agility training is a cornerstone of athletics, especially in basketball. To perform at your absolute best, you need to have all of the building blocks in place. This is why a state-of-the-art gym like the Redline Athletics facility is so important. Basketball Performance

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Boarding Schools and Student Performance

In the United States, there are around 35,000 boarding school students. A boarding school is one where students stay and live either on campus or in close proximity. They don’t go home after class. Instead, they return to their living quarters, which has several key

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How Do Professional Trainers Help Student-Athletes?

Only 37% of the high schools in the United States have any form of a professional trainer on hand. How important are professional trainers for basketball and general athletic development? They are essential to any student-athlete who wants to reach their full potential. Why is

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How Do Sports and Academics Compliment One Another?

There are over 8 million student-athletes who participate in athletic programs in high schools across the United States. There have always been stereotypes about student-athletes, not all of them complimentary. The real question is, how do athletics and sports relate to academic achievement? Let’s take

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How Does Christianity Enrich Students’ Lives?

Religion plays an important role in shaping society and history, but what about students? Does Christianity enrich a student’s life by being a part of their education and environment? Not only does it improve their performance, it even enhances their mental health. What is it

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How Many High School Basketball Players Are There?

In the United States, there are over 500,000 boys and over 400,000 girls who play basketball in high school. Basketball is the most popular team sport to play in the United States, with millions of people playing and practicing every year. For many of those

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Do Prep Schools Help?

There are over 34,000 private schools and prep academies in the United States. For many people, being able to send your child to a preparatory academy is a dream come true. Your child will get a better education, access to advanced sports training, and other

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What is Division 1 Basketball?

There are 350 Division 1 colleges and universities recognized by the NCAA in the United States today. Among this number are the largest, most recognized, and most important centers of higher learning in the world. They are schools that have the largest budgets and draw