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How Many High School Basketball Players Are There?

In the United States, there are over 500,000 boys and over 400,000 girls who play basketball in high school.

Basketball is the most popular team sport to play in the United States, with millions of people playing and practicing every year. For many of those who play in high school, their dream is to become a collegiate basketball player or to receive a scholarship so they can go to college.

Getting a Scholarship
It can be difficult to get a scholarship because numbers are limited. Between the three main divisions of the NCAA and the NAIA, as well as JUCO, only a little more than 30,000 scholarships are offered. This makes competition for them fierce.

On top of this, some players don’t want to attend a JUCO or NAIA school, preferring to play in a division 1 or 2 NCAA school. For those players, there are even fewer scholarship options. To be competitive, a student must have more than just basketball skills, but that is a major component.

In order to be one of the 1% of basketball student-athletes that achieve Division 1 scholarships, the process starts early. Every shred of basketball ability, academic achievement, and community interaction can give a student a better chance. Cultivating these needs is imperative if a student wants to stand out in the crowded field.

Improving Chances
If a student wants to improve their chances of going to a division 1 or division 2 school, remember that the number of scholarships is very limited. Every aspect of a student-athlete’s life needs to be geared towards this achievement. This is where preparatory academies can help.

A preparatory academy is one that specializes in improving all of the indicators that can lead to success. There is no guarantee that a student will get a scholarship, but every step they can take will make their odds better. Academies like Accelerated Prep can be a game changer for a young student.

Mentorship and Connections
One of the reasons why preparatory academies are so successful is that they have mentorship from former professionals and connections. Instead of being a single person amongst hundreds of thousands, a preparatory academy helps scouts identify students who are serious about playing basketball.

Name association matters in basketball. It’s a closed ecosystem. The more recognition a student-athlete can garner, the more chances they have to impress a scout and receive a coveted scholarship. This extends to who trains and prepares them. A recognized name that comes with former professional experience is best.

Get Every Advantage
If you’re a student-athlete or the parent of one, getting every advantage you can is critical. Showing connection to the community, skill, humility, and academic achievement combines to be the perfect package. This is the best way to secure a division 1 basketball scholarship.

Accelerated Prep is here to make sure that your student has every tool possible to achieve success. From hardcore basketball skills to advanced academic achievement and community service, we can offer it all. Don’t take a chance on anyone else. It’s time to play with the best.