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How Does Christianity Enrich Students’ Lives?

Religion plays an important role in shaping society and history, but what about students? Does Christianity enrich a student’s life by being a part of their education and environment? Not only does it improve their performance, it even enhances their mental health.

What is it about Christianity that has led to so many of the world’s top scientists coming from Christian traditions?

Character and Judgment

One thing that being educated in Christian values does is instill moral judgment. In addition to this, it helps a young person develop sound judgment. This occurs because students are able to incorporate the values and lessons taught by Christian sources.

This helps young people develop by giving them a central axis of values by which to view the world. Another benefit is that it establishes a stable platform by which to make judgments about the world around you. Anything that helps young people understand their world is of great benefit to them.

In Modern Context

One unfortunate reality about the modern world is that a young person can negatively impact their life by making a single, bad decision. What Christian values really do is provide the young person with a means by which to evaluate the decisions that they’re being presented with. This can go a long way in keeping someone out of trouble.

There are a lot of forces that act upon young people. These can be nothing more than a harmless distraction, or they can entice behavior that might be criminal. Having a solid moral and values-based understanding of the world offers a young person a means by which to avoid this danger.

For a student-athlete who is on the elite level of competition, the impacts can be even more severe. There are things that aren’t criminal but could still remove the ability to play basketball. That would have an incredibly negative impact on their future, their chances for a scholarship, and other important issues.

Preparing for the Future

Knowing that you have sound judgment helps students prepare for the future. They won’t always have a responsible adult, guardian, or parent watching over them. When a student goes off to college, the amount of temptations grows exponentially.

Christianity enriches a person’s life because it takes away the power of these temptations. It removes distractions and lets them make a clear and informed decision. Whether it’s drugs, relationships, or life choices, Christianity has a lot to say about anything that is bad or harmful.

Accelerated Prep and Christian Values

With Accelerated Prep, Christian values are baked into the programming. We are proud of our values, and we teach our student-athletes to Stand FAST. Faith, Action, Service, and Teamwork are all cornerstones of our mission.

We aren’t trying to sell anything with these core values. We’re trying to enrich the lives of our student-athletes. We know the world is harsh and can be cruel, and making the right choice isn’t always obvious. This is why we know that faith in traditional Christian values is what will set our student-athletes apart from others.