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How Do Sports and Academics Compliment One Another?

There are over 8 million student-athletes who participate in athletic programs in high schools across the United States.

There have always been stereotypes about student-athletes, not all of them complimentary. The real question is, how do athletics and sports relate to academic achievement?
Let’s take a look at what the differences are between student-athletes and other students.

Healthy Mind and Body

It is a demonstrable fact that student-athletes are healthier on average than their peers. They are more physically active and develop more muscle and agility. They often have higher levels of cardiovascular health and endurance and are more accustomed to dealing with stress.

All of this combines to present an appealing package when it comes to academics. A person who is healthy and in good shape feels better. The better a student feels, the more they are able to focus their minds and learn the information being presented.

Studies have shown that the more exercise a student gets, the more their intellectual capacity grows. The effort that goes into developing our bodies also impacts every other aspect of us, including our minds. Cognitive health is higher amongst student-athletes when compared to others.

Focus and Detail

One of the great benefits of learning how to play sports or being involved in athletics is attention to detail. In a game like basketball, inches matter, and being able to recognize that is a powerful tool. Players that achieve are focused and driven to higher levels of performance.

This focus translates into the classroom because a focused student is one who is engaged. Engaging with the material is one of the best ways to promote learning and retention of information. While this has a direct impact on learning, there are also other ways in which focus helps.

Modern life is distracting. Almost everything in the modern world demands some form of attention. A student-athlete knows how to focus on the task at hand and block out distractions. This impacts everything from regular school work to important tests and even collegiate interviews.

Dealing With Stress

Being involved in sports puts students in environments where the stakes can feel very high. This, in turn, brings out a stress response in the students. Knowing how to deal with this stress can help a student be less anxious or troubled during an academic performance.

A test may seem difficult and stressful to most students, but it isn’t as hard as making a free throw with the entire school watching you. Being able to apply the physical lessons of sports and athletics to the classroom equips student-athletes with tools other students lack.

Accelerated Prep and Athletics

When you take a look at the correlation between physical activity and mental acuity, the results are clear. An environment, or in this case, a basketball prep academy, where athletics and academics coexist is the best environment for learning. The physical evidence is clear and present.

While these benefits do apply to any student-athletes, the quantity and quality of athletic training matters. With Accelerated Prep, student-athletes are pushed to grow in mind, body, and soul. They can achieve their highest potential in all aspects of their lives.