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Do Prep Schools Help?

There are over 34,000 private schools and prep academies in the United States.

For many people, being able to send your child to a preparatory academy is a dream come true. Your child will get a better education, access to advanced sports training, and other benefits unavailable in public schools. Do these benefits extend to higher college admissions?

Prep Schools
As a portion of the private schools in the country, prep schools have a specific mission. The purpose of these schools is to prepare a student for success in college. Some of these schools have an athletic component or focus and are designed for student-athletes who wish to excel at a chosen sport.

There are a lot of myths about prep school that should be dispelled. Prep academies, like Accelerated Prep, don’t require straight As or being rich to attend. In fact, many offer scholarships and help with tuition for those who aren’t able to afford the price of attendance.

Role of Athletic Prep
The collegiate athletic scene is one that is highly competitive and difficult to get into. Only 9% of high school athletes manage to get into a Division 1 school. A larger but still tiny fraction get to play in Division 2 schools.

This means that any advantage a student can have, such as athletic coaching, improved academics, etc. can make a massive difference between success and failure. Colleges aren’t just looking for players who play great, there’s plenty of talented student athletes out there.

In this way an athletic prep academy is able to give your child a big boost. Not only will they receive more intense academic preparation, they will receive professional level coaching. This can help them stand out in a crowded field of candidates, and show their commitment to improvement and excellence.

Cultivating Talent
Talent alone doesn’t get someone onto a collegiate basketball team. Hard work, dedication, and a commitment to learn and grow as both a person and an athlete does. To this end, academies like Accelerated Prep are able to build a student-athlete up from more than one direction.

Schools love students who are active in their community. One thing that we do is encourage students to become engaged in various projects and community service endeavors. This gives them valuable experience, not just about work, but about life and the people of their community.

At the same time, the primary point, athletic excellence, can’t be ignored. This is why we use coaches who have had experience with the NBA, not just high school or college level coaches.

Build Towards Success
The sooner a student-athlete begins to take action, the better their chances are. Instead of risking everything by remaining in a public school, lost amongst the millions of other student-athletes, take control of the future and join Accelerated Prep.

We know all the areas that need to be worked on and can help your student-athlete achieve their greatest potential. Having as many advantages as possible stacked in your favor is the best and only way to give your child the best shot at life.